Tuesday, 22 September 2015

beaten up

Bjørn Lomborg, just a scientist with a different opinion? on Real Climate

いや~けちょんけちょんですな。Web of Scienceが全てではないですが。まぁ本が売れてるから正しい!ってわけではないですよね。日本にもいますけどこんな人。さすがにリンク貼るのはやめときます。




the Australian government (known for its contradictory position on climate change) offered the University of Western Australia (UWA) $4 million to make Lomborg professor – which UWA first accepted, but then after massive protest from its staff and students refused. The Australian government was quick to label it a “freedom of speech” issue that Lomborg should get a university position, and vowed to find another university that would host him. However, free speech doesn’t guarantee everyone a university position; there are also academic qualifications required.


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